Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chadian Appreciation

Chadian military forces have been out front fighting insurgents in Northern Mali and taking casualties but are they getting the appreciation they deserve?  Approximately 2000 Chadian troops deployed to Mali to fight insurgents as part of a primarily ECOWAS force but so far only the Chadians and French have been leading the fight.  Malian forces have been taking their time getting to the front and continue to complain they lack the necessary equipment to join the fight.

Casualties are starting to mount- on 22 Feb 2013 thirteen Chadian soldiers were killed while fighting insurgents in the Ifoghas Mountains.  France has been doing a lot of the fighting as well and has also suffered casualties, but is expected to withdraw in March leaving only AU troops to back up the Malians.  The Chadians have committed to stay and continue to fight in Mali, probably at great cost.  Chad isn't a rich country, lacks resources, and doesn't have the ability to sustain itself for long times far from its own borders.  What will Chad get out of the deal?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Got my visa!

I finally got my visa for 1 year in Chad!  My stuff has been shipped and I have my plane reservations!  A couple more weeks & I will be in a much warmer place eating some goat.  Too bad it will take about five months for my truck to get there.  But if i take another job on the continent I could potentially drive there...