Thursday, July 8, 2010

Power Outage & shopping

Power is out, my first outage in Africa! Unfortunately the backup generator hasn't kicked in yet- must be broke or out of fuel. Neighbors were telling me to expect lots of power outages in the rainy season (July-Sept), but it really hasn't rained yet.

Today some friends took me around the city to show me the cheapest places to buy groceries and other items. We visited a hardware store, the royal market, a nice boucherie, and a fish store next door. The real surprise was walking into the air conditioned shopping center (Dakar center) which has coffee shops, a nice store to buy a suit, a sports store with everything Nike, and a European style supermarket where you can buy your Salmon and French cheeses as well as 32" flat screen tvs. Prices for the local items weren't that bad for local items. For example local yogurt cost about $0.50 each but the imported yogurt was $1.25 each. Not much different from grocery prices in Hawaii. The salmon for 172,500 CFAs was too much though, but they had it!

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Location:Les almadies

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