Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nairobi Layover

Flying back to Dakar from Lilongwe I had to stay overnight in Nairobi, Kenya.  I was able to make a reservation at the Hilton and a shuttle picked me up from the airport and carried me to the heart of Nairobi in relative ease.  The hotel was nice but only had wifi in the lobby or the resident lounge.

I had a wedge shaped room in the ninth floor of the cylindrical tower overlooking the city.  It was a nice view and later that evening a rain storm blew in and drove all the people away.  I was surprised how crowded the city was for Saturday evening. 

The next day we tried to leave on time, but when we finally boarded our Kenyan Airways flight two hours late one of the passengers was suddenly too sick to continue and the stewardess called for a doctor to come to the plane.  Since we were now delayed more than three hours we had to offload the plane and wait for a new flight crew to arrive. 

By now it was lunchtime and the airline brought us all (over 100 passengers) up to the airport resteraunt and served us lunch and three hours later we were finally able to load again and get underway.  I arrived five hours late in Dakar to pounding thunderstorm and made it back to my apartment by 11pm. 

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