Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kilimanjaro Day 0

Moshi, Tanzania
Day 0, 23 Jan 2011

The team gathered from all over Africa to Moshi, Tanzania to prepare for the seven-day attempt to summit Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa at 19,100 ft.  We hired who subcontracted to Zara Tours for the expedition.  The first to arrive at the lodge were two from Botswana, then one from Mozambique, then myself from Senegal, then two from Ethiopia, and another from Italy.  Later that evening the last two from DRC and Virginia arrived to complete the team. 

Bags were weighed and gear separated before we met our guide, Chombo, at the lodge for the briefing on the trek.   Our group would consist of the nine team members, supported by three porters each, our guide, two assistant guides, a cook, and an assistant cook (full expedition strength: 41 people- 32 staff and 9 customers).  The porters would carry the tents, food and other gear as well as up to 15kg per customer.  They would travel ahead of us and set up camp and start cooking so when we would arrive everything would be ready and we could sit down and enjoy some hot chocolate/tea/coffee and popcorn and enjoy the view.  

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