Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pro-Wade Demonstration

This morning the opposition had its turn to demonstrate, which ended by being dispersed by Riot Police firing teargas, and this afternoon the Pro-Wade or "Wadists" had their opportunity to demonstrate their support of President Wade.   Thousands made their way to the Presidential Palace carrying signs and banners and accompanied by drummers and sound trucks.  In my opinion, the Wadists greatly outnumbered the opposition demonstrators from this morning.

Around 4:30pm the first the first wave of the long pro-Wade parade arrived at the gates of the Presidential Palace.  The people continued to stream in for over an hour until the streets around the intersection were packed in every direction.  Riot police tried to control the crowd which was generally peaceful with supporters wearing a variety of Pro-Wade T-Shirts and waving blue flags.  I bailed when the people around me started to get knocked down by the pressing crowd.  Riot police also formed a line on the road to Place d'Independance and seemed ready to face any threat coming from where the morning Anti-Wade protests took place (the Place d'Independance was now empty besides a few lonely cabs driving around in circles).

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  1. It is an interesting comparison between the two demonstrations. I'm curious to see how things will be handled.