Monday, August 15, 2011

Back in the States!

I returned to the US a couple days after my last post about surfing in Dakar and have spent the last couple weeks traveling across the country and getting ready for starting grad school this fall at Boston University.  I am working for a Masters in International Relations with a Certificate in African Studies and am looking forward to class starting on September 2d!

Classes I am hoping to get into are:
- Government and Politics of Contemporary Africa
- Political Systems of Southern Africa
- UN Peacekeeping Systems
- Global Environmental Policy & Negotiation (I am still a tree-hugger at heart, even already have a Masters in Environmental Management)

Unfortunately my wetsuits are still in transit from Senegal so i missed out on a nice swell this past week in NH.  Looking to buy a 6/4 or something similar so i can surf through this coming winter in NH.  Before we moved to California I wore my Mutant 4/3 wetsuit with polypros underneath all winter despite water temps in the 30s. 

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