Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1st Paper Done

Gotta get back into the swing of writing for college! I turned in my first paper yesterday on the Impact of Colonial Period on Senegal.  I learned more about the colonial history and process of decolonization of French West Africa but not sure i wrote what the professor wanted.  It was interesting to compare the results of decolonization of Guinea and Senegal since Toure was punished by de Gaulle for rejecting dependency on France and voting for immediate independence.  Senghor tried to maintain close ties to France as long as possible and was rewarded with continual trade and assistance.  Hopefully I will find out soon if I was on the right track.

One great thing about Boston University is their library is accessible remotely so I was able to read books and journals from the bus or at home.  I found some great journal articles on JSTOR while I was watching football games in my living room.  Also had to learn Chicago Style format for writing as for all my other studies I used APA format.  Hope i got it right...

My other papers for the semester are on:
-Professionalization of the Liberian Army as trained by US troops
-More on politics in Senegal
-UNMIL in Liberia
-something on southern Africa. Suggestions?

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