Friday, March 22, 2013

Market day

For 3,500 CFA (aprox $7) at the market in N'Djamena today I purchased:
-4 Bananas
-2 Tomatoes
-2 Avocados
-10 eggs
-1 head of lettuce
-1 Green bell-pepper

All were locally grown, which is hard to do in a desert.  If I had bought these items as part of the fresh produce flown in weekly from Paris they would have cost three times as much!  Surprisingly the prices I negotiated are similar to what I was paying in a grocery store back in New Hampshire, especially if you consider these would be considered organic and cage-free items.  Sure, others could have negotiated better prices but this was pretty fair.  Now I have to soak all this in bleach-water since I still have a "delicate constitution" from only being back in Africa for just two weeks.

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