Saturday, April 20, 2013

German Vacation

After six weeks in Chad its time for my first conference in Germany!  It was a good time to leave since the house where I live ran out of water a couple days earlier and I wasn't able to take a bath/shower for a couple days.  I was washing my clothes while getting ready for this trip when the house ran out of water.  Thankfully one of my friends let me jump in their pool so I could wash off before my flight.

For this conference I was booked on Air France, the first time I have ever flown them.  Usually when I flew around Africa I would fly on an African airline, like Kenyan, Ethiopian, or South African and they were fine.  Air France, the carrier usually outside my budget, was supposed to be the posh airline that treated everyone well.  They lived up to their billing except that they lost my luggage.  In over 40+ flights in Africa the local carriers never lost my bags, but my first time on Air France they managed to lose my bag.

36 hours later, still no bag.  I'm tired of washing my clothes in the hotel sink, time to go buy new stuff.  At least this happened in Europe where I can go buy new clothes, otherwise I would be wearing a bou-bou.

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  1. Here in Northern New York State, it is so cold we can wear the same clothes several days in a row without becoming offensive.