Saturday, August 14, 2010

Aloha Friday

I surfed for 4 hours yesterday and got some good waves.  Most of the sets were thigh to waist high but occasionally it got bigger and i was able to take a couple head high drops.  It wasnt crowded, probably due to Ramadan, with only five to six people in the water at any time.  Since the area has two breaks we were able to spread out some and we didnt have to fight for the waves.
This place is great when the break isnt crowded.  The water is nice and warm, and reminds me a bit of surfing in Hawaii with having a volcano way off to the right, like Diamond Head in Waikiki.  Here we have the African Renaissance Monument and the lighthouse on an old volcano.

But unlike surfing in Waikiki, you dont have goats and cows wandering around your car.

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  1. Yes the terrain is different to the urban sprawl of Waikiki! Probably better that way!