Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nigerian Photos

Here are some photos from my trip to Nigeria last week:
Cool statue but rarely seen as they are usually covered except at certain times.  There are several in Lagos, some in traffic circles but when we drove by they were covered.  They are funeral statues used during funeral rites for example for the funeral of an Oba (local chief).  

African Motorcycle Power- I saw thousands of these on the streets in Lagos, many serving as moto-taxis.  It appears that Nigeria has a helmet law because everyone was wearing one and the moto-taxists carried a spare helmet.  A very similar bike was popular in Liberia and was used in the same manner.
Roads on Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria. 
View of the river from the Brazilian restaurant

Lagos is a pretty clean city thanks to the many garbage cans throughout the city.  For a city of 20 million I was impressed.

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