Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sailing Lessons

I have always wanted to learn to sail and today I had my first lesson, and my first wreck.  The good news is that nobody got hurt and the boat wasn't damaged.  The bad news was that we couldn't self recover and we spent about 30 minutes in the water waiting for the motorboat to come out and help recover the boat.  Everybody told me when we got back to the shore that the Hobie Cat was designed to flip over, self recover, then keep on sailing but even with the help of the instructor and another person we couldn't get the boat to right itself without the motorboat.

Sailing was pretty cool, especially when we started to pick up some speed.  The instructor kept telling me that we weren't supposed to take any risks today, but I still managed to flip the boat.  I can't wait until i can run one by myself, hike out on the trapeze, and then probably flip the boat again.

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  1. You could totally play Kevin Costner in Waterworld!!!