Thursday, January 3, 2013

Africa: TV Character Burial Ground

While I was watching Season 4 of Psych last night on Netflix I was surprised by the main character's girlfriend suddenly deciding to break off the relationship and go to Uganda to teach for six months or longer.  Despite desperate pleas from the girlfriend the main character would not leave Santa Barbara and go with her to Africa. It seems like a common way to get rid or write characters out of a script- send them to Africa on a do-good mission that they can't refuse.

However, the USA series Covert Affairs first seemingly got rid of Auggies girlfriend by sending her on a Peace Corps mission in Eritrea, but managed to weave her back into the story.  It would be cool if they were to integrate actual Peace Corps work in the show for some reality.  However, the Peace Corps mission in Eritrea is currently closed and was only open 1995-1998.

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