Sunday, January 6, 2013

Chadian Activities

Last time I was in Chad there wasn't a whole lot to do.  By the end of my two weeks there we had eaten at the four restaurants, gone to a private concert at an expats house, shopped at the market, and taken a trip north to Elephant Rock and Lake Chad.  We spent most of the time hanging out at other expat houses that had pools and sand volleyball courts as our host was new in the area. 

Elephant Rock

I've been reading more about N'Djamena and discovered that there are some tennis courts and a 9-hole golf course as well!  Looking at satellite photos of N'Djamena it looks like the water isn't always as brown as when I was there so perhaps I should bring my fishing pole along.  However, it may be carefully regulated as it was illegal to take pictures without a permit.  Even if you had a permit your camera could be confiscated.

My friends in N'Djamena warned me there isn't a good gym available and it wasn't safe to run outside so I plan on shipping a treadmill, trainer for my bike, and a small home gym.  If I can't exercise I will swell up and go nuts!  I guess I could try boating too...
Lake Chad

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