Sunday, April 11, 2010


Thanks to the taxman i was able to get myself the GoPro waterproof camera system. I also used my REI dividend and 20% off coupon to take a good chunk off the price.

I bought the surf package from and mounted it to my longboard this morning in the parking lot before i paddled out. I made sure to clean the surface of the board with acetone nail polish remover before i stuck the mount to the surface of the board to ensure a good clean bond. After two and a half hours the camera still had a solid grip on the board even though i took plenty of spills and got crushed by some closeouts.

I posted a 1:44 clip from the two hours i shot in the water on youtube. Didnt need to post all the paddling, duck dives, getting smashed, and waiting. It was a beautiful day for around here- the best i had seen at this break- i am glad i ignored the surf forecast. The longboard worked great even though we got crushed occasionally. Its still water tight and shows no sign of distress. Only problem is that i would need a separate mount for each board.

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