Friday, January 14, 2011

Addis Day2

Addis Ababa
10 January 2011

Today we went shopping around Churchhill Street looking for silver crosses from the north country and wandered around the many little shops on the side of a hill. Here we were bugged by a couple street vendors, but it was just a slight nuisance (or maybe I am just getting used to them). I found a cross I liked set in a dark wood panel with intricate carvings and etched stone pieces but the vendor started at 850 birr so I walked away.

Next we went to the Piazza neighborhood where silver was sold for 30 birr per gram and I got some silver cuff links for $21. The rectangular cuff links had a silver trim and featured a silver map of Africa set on a black background and weighed 35g.

We ate dinner at the Face of Addis restaurant located on top of a hill with a great view of the city. Unfortunately the food wasn't great and the service sucked- we had to beg for silverware after the food was delivered two hours after we ordered. After asking for bread four times we got our week old stale bread after the main course.

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