Monday, January 17, 2011

Djibouti Day4

15 January 2011

Not much compares to a day spent swimming with giant whale sharks that looked like massive 20 foot long catfish that had mutated from some radioactive experiment gone horribly wrong (like Godzilla, but not angry and destroying cities). Today was anticlimactic as we spent it driving around the city and visiting a clinic to get some medication as two of the six members of the group had developed strep throat and my throat was getting scratchy. Luckily we were able to get some drugs after only an hour wait. For dinner we visited a restaurant downtown located on the 4th floor that gave a good view over the city and it's many lights. The food was alright, but only French cuisine. During the four days we spent in Djibouti the only local food we were able to find was on the boat trip as it seemed the restaurants that were recommended to us only served Italian or French food. C'est la vie...

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  1. You call this work? I would love to see more pictures. Take care, be safe.
    Sounds like you found some great friends to share your adventures with. I enjoy your writings.....the beginning of a travel book? Love, Mom