Friday, January 21, 2011


Nairobi, Kenya
16-19 January 2011

Traffic in Nairobi sucks. It seems like the greater part of the roads in the city are under construction so it takes hours to get from the airport to downtown or anywhere else in the city. Major road projects affecting traffic is the construction of a new bridge and a series of underpasses to replace the jammed traffic circles (or roundabouts) where we sat for hours in our taxis.

Cool stuff that we got to do in Nairobi: visit a shopping center where we watched Tron Legacy (a great movie from the states), ate lunch at the UN headquarters, and played a round of golf at the Windsor. The UN compound was huge with every set of letters you could jumble together represented. The people seemed busy but a friend who worked in the area commented that most of them spend their time in the pool or gym- and the gym was very nice with spinning classes and new equipment. The food was great too.

Golf at the Windsor was nice- the caddies who carried our rented clubs found most of the balls we lost. The scenery was awesome but sometimes you had to wait for the monkeys to clear the green so you could chip onto it or putt. On the ninth hole as we approached the green by the hotel my second shot was attacked by a group of large raptors who kept trying to steal my ball and fly away. Bird after large bird would swoop down and pick up my ball and fly several feet before losing their grip and dropping it again. Unfortunately they were flying towards me and not towards the green! So my next shot was several yards further out than it should have been- but we weren't playing for money- just enjoying the awesome experience of playing golf in Kenya.

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