Friday, June 17, 2011

Cold South Africa

Pretoria, South Africa
15 June 2011

Driving in South Africa is crazy, especially at night in a manual transmission rental car on the wrong side of the road after a long flight from Dakar. At least I was smart enough to rent a GPS so I only took a few detours to get to my hotel in Pretoria. I wasn't prepared for how cold it is here, but the lunar eclipse was still pretty cool. Although the night was clear the moon looked like it was covered by a brownish-purply cloud.

I just gotta keep reminding myself to stay on the left side of the road. Only had to swerve twice to get back on the left side of the road so far. Usually my loyal traveling companion, aka hoyawolf, from Tanzania does all the driving in the former British colonies. Lucky for him he is on the way back to the states for vacation.

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