Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dakar Swell

Heavy overhead waves on the west coast of Dakar today.  My friend "Happy" took me and another buddy out to Club Med for some great surf.  Club Med is usually a meter higher than the other breaks on the left side and accessed by a long paddle or 300 meter stumble along slick rocks on the edge of the water. 
Happy taking the drop

We ended up surfing a couple breaks near the westernmost point in Africa while Happy's girlfriend took a couple pictures from the rocks.  Happy is a good surfer and works at a local surf camp but is willing to take people around the area to find good surf breaks.  He said he can guarantee he can get you barreled (i'm still working on that).
French Dude

There were a couple solid French expats in the water too that were getting incredible rides on long rights.
French Dude trying to get covered up

Unfortunately i got caught inside by an overhead set and slammed on the rocks and had to bail when I saw my right foot was bleeding heavily.  Thankfully I didn't see any urchins. 
Happy taking it left by the Cannon

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