Friday, February 12, 2010

Staying up late

Staying up way too late tonight researching a good travel surfboard and a replacement wetsuit. Considering a tuflite board since they can take a beating and are easy to repair- and will still work/float even if they have a hole in 'em. Some of the leading boards I am considering include the Rusty Desert Island and the Channel Islands M13. Need something that can handle a wide variety of conditions and be a 1 board quiver.

My current boards are the JC Hawaii Flomaster 9' longboard and a 6' 10" JC Hawaii Equalizer. Both are good boards and the Flomaster can handle a wider variety of conditions, but would be tougher to travel with given its larger size. Also considering a fish...

My plan is to pick one up as a souvenir on our next trip back to Hawaii this spring.

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