Friday, February 26, 2010

Surfing Lessons

I took my oldest daughter out this afternoon and the conditions were pretty good- about 1-3' and pretty smooth. She has a 8' Wavestorm blue foamboard so if the board hits her it won't be as rough on her. I pushed her into several waves and she able to get up on a couple. After a while she got bored & started making sand castles so I took her board out and got a bunch of waves too. The wavestorm isn't as nice as my other boards but I was still able to have fun.

I just got her a wetsuit off eBay for $60, a O'Neill 3/2 Mutant. I spent last weekend with my daughter going to all the local shops looking for a new wetsuit for her but couldn't find anything good for less than $120. Kids grow so fast it's hard to keep them in wetsuits! She will probably go through two a year. I feel bad about not buying local & supporting my local shops, mais c'est la vie et la situation economique maintenant.

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