Saturday, March 13, 2010

Road Trip: Carmel beach

My brother brought his family to visit and we went to see the waves at Carmel Beach. His kids had never seen the ocean before and they had fun rolling in the sand and getting wet. I had fun surfing. The current was pretty strong pushing south and the paddle out took a while, but the waves were a solid 4-7 feet (chest to overhead).

I couldn't believe that I was the first one in the water and had the place to myself, but after 30 mins several others tried to fight their way out, some didn't make it and others gave up after catching one wave (couldn't make it back into the lineup). I caught some nice overhead waves on my longboard.

After a good hour and a half session the kids were wet, sandy, & cold so i had to come in and take them back home. Maybe i can sneak away later this evening...

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  1. The clip is hilarious! That was taken in the first five minutes too!