Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stripping & Waxing

Since I had some time to kill before I went surfing today I decided to finally get around to some cleaning I had been putting off for some time: stripping the dirty wax off my board.

I stole my wife's credit card and started scraping. 30 mins later I had destroyed my wife's credit card, cleaned a 9' longboard, and made a 10 pound ball of gray wax the size of a small cantelope.

I then used two sex wax bars to put down a base coat of wax. The board looked sexy- the clean white wax reminded me of lacy white lingerie and I couldn't wait to take it out and get wet.

It felt like the first time when I caught my first wave of the day. The board looked brand new with a fresh coat of glistening white wax in the water.

I surfed for an hour and a half today and got some nice waves. I am looking forward to lieing down on my clean, freshly waxed board again tomorrow.

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