Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Return of the tourists

Spring break must be upon us already as the tourists are starting to flock to the coast and many brilliantly white bodies were at the beach this afternoon. Unfortunately some were playing in the soup with their rented foam boards right on front of a good break. I guess it's good for the local surf shops who haven't had much business during the winter, but sucks that they send them to the break closest to my house!

They didn't know they were doing in the water, but i was even more disturbed to watch these tourists drag their gear across the sidewalk, smacking their boards on the curb, fence, car, etc... and getting their leashes which were drug behind them stuck under cars or wrapped around poles. Lack of respect for your gear is bad juju and will come back and get you later. Maybe when your life (or a good ride) depends on it.

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