Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vehicle Packing List: Africa

The same friend who gave me the book reading list recommended packing my landcruiser with the following items while exploring Africa:

-Ordre de mission for all potentially traversable countries
-Vehicle Log (distance traveled, vehicle problems, fuel consumed)

-Recovery clothing / overalls

-Iridium Satellite Phone or HF Radio

-Adventure Medical Kits’ “Comprehensive™ Medical Kit” (www.campmor.com; $150)

Recovery Gear
-D-handled shovel
-High-lift jack with adapter and off-road baseplate
-Recovery straps
-Hand winch
-Sand Ladders (“tôles”), (purchased locally, $40; online $120)
-Jumper Cables
-Wirthco emergency engine belt ($25; www.jcwhitney.com)
-Socket set; wrench set; Toyota BII (jack, screwdriver, wrenches, warning triangle)
-Extra fuel
-Plastic tube/siphon
-Spare Tire, full-size, x 2
-Fix-a-flat, can

-Machete, kept near driver
-Cargo Net (BEDNET, http://www.cargogear.com/Bednet-cargo-nets/Bednet.htm; $40)
-Zipties x 100
-100mph tape, full roll.
-550 cord, 50ft.
-food (3 days supply)
-water (3 days supply)
-Power Inverter if needed
-Cassette tapes / CDs and necessary adapters
-Candles x 2
-Matches, waterproof
-Lacing wire
-Cell phone charger (12v)
-Fire extinguisher

Should I add an air compressor or tire pump?
Would a Thuraya have the same or better coverage? Which is cheaper- a Thuraya or Iridium?
Any Suggestions?

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